Bergit Barnett (SWPP, SISEP) grew up in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall but after the collapse of Communism she moved to West Germany to study International Business & Economics in which she achieved a Master's Degree - skills she uses today to analyse what her clients really need within their businesses, and providing inspirational and creative solutions to grow their businesses.

In her free time she designs and makes her own knitwear and crochet clothes, and is also a keen sewing-bee.  She is a fan of big motorbikes and hard rock music.  Bergit also loves Czech Black Beer and fried chicken wings.


Adrian I Barnett (LSWPP, SICIP) is the son of Film Producer & Director G Ivan Barnett.  His experiences with his father have influenced his styles and approaches to photography.  Adrian worked in advertising in London providing photographic input for a wide range of campaigns and has worked in many countries, including Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic.  His expertise is in cinematic lighting and shooting the images which will effortlessly attract your perfect clients to you.

To relax he is an enthusiastic cook and loves trying out new menus - photography and food are natural partners, he believes.  He also writes short stories and articles and is passionate about the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and Formula One motor racing.


Together they also train and mentor both new and established photographers to run a profitable and sustainable photographic business in their chosen genre.